This Future was Made By: JediForJesus

In this future, the Earth Kingdom won the Hundred Year War. After that Earth King died, a new one stepped up. He wanted to conquer the whole world. They enslaved all civillians; Avatar Aang had to go into hiding. The Earth Kingdom conquered all Nations. Avatar Aang died, then Korra was born. The Earth Kingdom thought of her as a threat, and killed her at the age of 10 years old.


The RevoltEdit

A peasant revolt led by the new Avatar Bman, conquered a small, unknown island in the Great Western Ocean, Fusang. They set up a republic, known as the United Republic of Freed Nations. They had over 500,00 total military forces. They conquered the south and eastern Air Temples. They released all the Air Nomads that were prisoners there. They joined the army.

The Republic attacked the North Pole, conquering it and making it the Northern Water Tribe; they freed all the prisoners and they joined the military. They later conquered the South Pole, and declared war on the Earth Kingdom, beginning they're fight in the former Fire Nation. They won the battle and conquered that nation, making it the Fire Nation. They then freed the northern Air Temple, and the islands connecting the Earth Kingdom with the Fire Nation. Many joined their military, and their forces became 1,000,000 total military forces.


  • Avatar Bman is me!
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