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Great Western Ocean

Fusang is an island in the Great Western Ocean. It is uninhabited which has led to wars for the territory, different claims and such throughout history. It is situated to the East of the Fire Nation and West of the Eastern Air Temple. It has a distinct history.


Since Ancient Times, a large landmass to the West of the Fire Nation was spoken of. It was often thought to be a legend and came to have the name, Fusang.


Fusang was discovered and claimed by the Earth Kingdom in the midst of the Later Ages of the Industrial Revolution. It was lost after Seperatist beliefs spread through the Earth Kingdom. The New Chin Empire led to the cutting off of the Eath Kingdom from the sea which led to Fusang being fogotten. It was researched throughout the Earth Kingdom's hold of it, but never populated.

It was reclaimed some time after the death of the Avatar Spirit. It was later fought for by the Water Tribes and finally populated. It became the Western Water Tribe .


The Grand Duchy of Energy is a fifth nation in the World of Avatar. It is home to the energybenders who never died off. They live here.

Fire NationEdit

The Fire Empire conquers Fusang and transforms it into the Lava Nation . Lavabenders re-activated the ancient volcanoes. They became the source of their power.


The Amonist State of Fusang is a country dominating Fusang that dominated the continent and served as source for their Empire's power.


  • Fusang is a fictional island of Chinese Folklore.
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