Energy duchy

The National Emblem

The Grand Duchy of Energy is one of the world's five nations. It is a Grand Duchy of Grand Dukedom led by the Great Duke and Duchess.

Geographically, it is on Fusang, an island continent on the equator in the Great Western Ocean. It is home to energybenders.

It is the smallest nation in the Avatar World in terms of area but third largest in terms of population and economy. It is known for its oceanic and agricultural resources.


Members of the Grand Duchy tend to have pale blond hair, green or blu eyes, and tan skin. In terms of facial features, their eyes are large with higher nose bridges.

Older men tend to sport beards, and mustaches, while younger men are usually clean-shaven. Women usually wear their hair back, though for special occasions it may be piled on top of the head, or wrapped around a support. Female members also tend to have medium-sized, rounded, well-manicured finger nails. Government Officials sport ofiicial headwear.

The Military wear metal armor with many hanging decorative pieces. This shows military rank. They tend to be jeweled for general. These metal are typically bronze but copper might be worn by soldiers whoare being punished and finer metals for generals.


The Emblem of the Grand Duchy is two curved lines intertwining representing the common Energybending move of removing bending power. It is used as a symbol of their territory and is worn on the "headresses" of the political leaders. The military sports the symbol as well.

It exists on the Currency as well as the flag.

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