Avatar Roleplay Wiki is related to the future of the Avatar Universe. Basically, possible futures in the Avatar World.

Policy Rules

  1. So long as your new "Future" is appropriate and isn't complete nonsense, which will be grounds for blocking, you are Welcome to add your own Future.
  2. Your Future must be seperate from the others on this wiki meaning don't create duplicate Futures. Ask the creator of the future if you can join.
  3. Please keep on your future. Editing other Futures the creator hasn't specifically said to edit will be grounds for blocking. Admins are the exception, although they will only edit pages in order to make them clean and such.
  4. Please Refrain from generally using information that doesn't fit in with the Avatar Franchise. Our "Seperatist Future" technically fits in with the Avatar Universe because it is based from canon information.
  5. Please Use our approved Avatars.
  6. Generally be nice to other Users.
  7. Follow the General Wikia Policy.
  8. Roleplay will be done on this wiki.
  9. For the creation of futures, please use the links below:
  10. Please try and use the first few slides which are already on this wiki.
    • The World in Ancient Times
    • The Typical Four Nations
    • The Fire Nation Colonies
    • The United Republic of Nation
  11. Please Use our Approved Maps for your futures. They feature an improvised version of the Map of the Avatar World as well as a Hemisphere opposite to the one where the series takes place. To see them, look below:
2 During Series

The Basic Eastern Hemisphere

Fusang Basic

The Basic Western Hemisphere. Fusang is generally unclaimed

Image Policy

  1. Innapropriate Images will be grounds for blocking, as will images that do not concern the wiki and have no point in being on this wiki.
  2. The only images that should be on this wiki are default images auch as the logo, maps and flags.

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